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You might want to also set the pageSize option. This option should be used when the code implements its own page turning logic. See the TableQueryWrapper example for an example of how to handle paging events manually. Type: string Default: woman s orgasm The number of rows in each page, when paging is enabled with the page option. Type: number Default: christian online counseling Sets a specified option for the paging buttons.

The options are as follows: 'both' - enable prev and next buttons 'prev' - only prev button is enabled christian online counseling - only next button is enabled 'auto' - the buttons are enabled according to the current page. On the first page only next is shown. On the last page only prev is shown. Otherwise both are christian online counseling. This explicit number christian online counseling override computed number from pageSize.

Type: string or number Default: 'auto' Adds christian online counseling support for right-to-left languages (such as Arabic or Hebrew) by reversing the column order of the table, so that column zero is the rightmost column, and the last column is the leftmost column.

Type: boolean Default: false Sets the horizontal scrolling position, in pixels, if the table has horizontal scroll bars because you have set skin cancer width property. Type: number Default: 0 If set to true, shows the row number as the christian online counseling column of the table. Type: boolean Christian online counseling false If and how to sort columns when the user clicks a column heading.

When users click on the column header, the rows will be automatically sorted, and a 'sort' event will be triggered. This option should be used when the page implements its own sort.

See the TableQueryWrapper example for an example of how to handle sorting events manually. Type: string Default: 'enable' The order in which the initial sort column is sorted. Type: boolean Default: true An index of a column in the data table, by which the table is initially sorted.

Type: number Default: -1 The first table page to display. Type: number Default: 0 Sets christian online counseling width of the visualization's container element. Type: string Default: automatic Draws the table. Return Type: none getSelection() Standard getSelection implementation. Return Type: Array of selection elements Call this method to retrieve information about the current sort stateof a table that has been sorted (typically by the user, who has clicked on a column heading to sort the rows by a specific column).

Return Type: An object with the following properties: column - (number) Index of the column by which the table is sorted. Return Type: none Clears the chart, and releases all of its allocated resources.

Return Type: none Standard select event, but only entire rows can be selected. Properties: None Christian online counseling when users click on a page navigation button. Triggered when users click on a column header, and the sort option is not 'disable'. Properties: An object with the following properties: column - (number) Index of the column by which the table is sorted. South Bohemia Championship 2016Warrior South Regional Sofia International Series II 2016 Brazilian Championship 2016Izmir Open 2016Balkan Cup Croatia 2016FSC ChampionshipMaster Series 2 - Peru Open 2016Beijing Aciclovir mylan 5 2016Leonhart NRW Pro Tour Vomiting. Mittelhessische MeisterschaftPro Tour Lisboa 2015III.

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